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DR900S-2CH, DR900S-1CH, DR900S-2CH IR, DR750S-2CH, DR750S-1CH, DR750S-2CH IR, DR750S-2CH Truck, DR650S, DR650GW, DR900X-1ch, DR900X-2ch
DR750X-1ch and DR750X-2ch

Download all your dashcam footage, locally, via your own wifi network, without needing Cloud/Internet.

Automatically Create GPS Files for use in Google Earth for long term storage and track/speed/time review

(See Below for Details)

Install, Setup and Leave

Blackvue Downloader is an application to locally download, and then view using the standard Blackvue Application your dashcam Videos.
It should run forever minimised to the Windows taskbar.
It will download in the background videos from any setup & connected Blackvue Dash Camera(s) when this camera returns. 
It will repeatedly check for the presence of a Blackvue Dashcam newly connected to your local Wifi and then automatically download the video files whenever it becomes available. 

- Multiple dashcams simultaneous download through multi-threading
- 32bit/64bit versions available 
- Low memory/processor usage 
- Dashcam options selectable via each Camera from time for re-checks, save file location, folder GB space to use 

- Allows download of certain files to have priority downloading order (Events or Manual triggered for example)
- Option to 'Never Delete' certain file types eg. Manual - these files will not be used in the space calculation 
- Downloads file in reverse date order/most recent files first 

- Allows Live Video window for each camera if currently connected to be displayed.
-Windows Store Trial Version available, fully functional for 7 days with some ugly Trial text

GUI showing everything that is going on.
See  & Control each connected Dashcam.

Show Live Video Window for each Connected Dashcam

- Support multiple Dashcams Downloading !

GPS Features
- Display highest speed for each dashcam. 
(miles/hr or kms/hr)
- Access GPS data from Dashcam and generate Google Maps Kml files for longterm storage (small in size)
Google Maps file show speed, track and time data.
Give easy quick overview of path vehicle taken.
See Example below:  Graph of Speed shown... coming in version 4.1.8+...

GPS Features Tracking - What does this Mean??

As you would be aware you Dashcam creates a GPS log of where it has been, and what speed travelling at any particular time.

Blackvue Downloader uses this data to create a Day by Day GPS kml file of where the camera has been and what speed it was travelling at every point along the way.  
This file is saved in next to the video files in a directory called Tracking.
Google Earth (which is free install) automatically loads these files displaying all this data. 
As the video shows on the WhatsNew page, and Below - Google Earth can also show a graph of speed travelled at any point along the way.

The uses are endless:

Parent with a Learner Driver: Worried about speed when you are not in the car?
   - Once in a while you can check - and that data is all there to be seen speed/when/where..

Business worried about Drivers breaking speeding limits?
    - Again once in a while you can check - and that data is there saved for all to see

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